Review: The Quickie

The Quickie

BY James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

When she sees her husband with another woman, Lauren Stillwell’s heart nearly stops beating. Her marriage was perfect, she has a great job, she loves her life. But his betrayal turns her into someone she never imagined she could be–a woman lusting for revenge.

Determined to even the score, Lauren seeks to have her own affair. It was supposed to be a quickie, but Lauren’s night of passion takes a shocking turn when she witnesses an unexpected, unbelievable, and deadly crime. Now her horrifying secret threatens to tear her life apart, pitting her need to uncover the truth against her fear that the truth may be too horrible to bear. And whichever choice she makes may cost her dearly-her job, her marriage, or even her life.


My thoughts:

This was a very fast paced, exciting book. I got into it very quickly and found it very difficult to put down.

This was the first book I have read from this author and I think I am hooked.
I love the fact that he uses short chapters as part of your writing style. It makes it easier to read a few pages at a time without feeling like you have to read half the book before you finish a chapter.

So much happens during the course of the book and I found the story line riveting. I went through phases of liking the main character Lauren and then disliking her and then liking her again. She was portrayed to be human though; making mistakes, but
always trying to do right or least does in the end. She uses whatever tools and opportunities she has available to keep her secret hidden and her loved ones protected – assuming that they would do the same for her, but it comes at a price.

I loved the lies, deception and action of the book. It was not overbearing though and very realistic or probable. I must admit that I prefer books with happy endings though and I guess this one was a bit of a happy ending; just not the one I was expecting or perhaps holding out for.

Can’t wait to read another one of his books.


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