Review: The Hanging Valley

A faceless corpse is discovered in a tranquil, hidden valley below the village of Swainshead. And when Chief Inspector Alan Banks arrives, he finds that no-one is willing to talk. Banks’s frustration only grows when the identity of the body is revealed. For it seems that his latest case may be connected with an unsolved murder in the same area five years ago.

Among the silent suspects are the Collier brothers, the wealthiest and most powerful family in the area. When they start using their influence to slow down the investigation, Banks finds himself in a race against time . . .

The Hanging Valley by Peter Robinson

My thoughts

This book was part two of an omnibus that I read. The second book which was actually written before the first but chronologically had no impact on the personal story line of Chief Inspector Banks.

Yet another suspense murder mystery I was enthralled with. This one started with a pretty gruesome murder and ended with an altogether different kind of gruesome murder. The people in the town of Swainshead were altogether strange with class and money ruling the town. It always amazes me what power and money can buy people; but somehow, somewhere, it will all catch up to you – at least one hopes.

Even though the book is outdated in terms of the times and technology etc; it was a great read. Ending with a cliff hanger where you once more need to spend some time thinking how it might have all played out.

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