Review: The Blue Nowhere

His code name is Phate — a sadistic computer hacker who infiltrates people’s computers, invades their lives, and with chilling precision lures them to their deaths.

To stop him, the authorities free imprisoned former hacker Wyatt Gillette to aid the investigation. Teamed with old-school homicide detective Frank Bishop, Gillette must combine their disparate talents to catch a brilliant and merciless killer.

My thoughts:

What this book lacks in terms of the fact that it is pretty much outdated in terms of technology and time frame, it makes it up in suspense. I was completely enthralled in this book and battled to put it down. The entire story takes place over the course of a few days and that alone intensifies the pace. The story is based around a hacker by the name of Phate (it is all in the spelling) and his friend Shawn invade peoples machines and have access to all their information. Phate then uses this information to select certain targets and kill them as part of a game. The police then recruit another hacker (Wyatt Gillette) from prison to help them catch the killer.

Hacking is a subject that has always fascinated me. I will never be in that kind of league with regards to coding. And Phate – as much as he was a psychopath of note – had an incredible mind; although he chose to use his brilliance to hurt people and not help them; unlike Gillette (the good guy) who was as good a hacker as Phate but only wanted to use his hacking for good and not evil.


This book had different writing style to anything I have read previously and even though it wasn’t based in 2015 it was still a great read. It kept me on the edge of your seat/bed the entire read as each time I thought I knew what was going on there was another twist in the tale.

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