Review: Pilanesberg

Being as busy as I have been lately, I have not been able to blog about my brief interlude at the Pilanesberg. But I did eventually get to it and here it is.

I decided I wanted to get away for a couple of days before I started at EOH. I would have loved to have gone to the coast but there wasn’t enough time and at short notice the flights would have been expensive, so between my parents and I we decided to take the caravan and go camping for a couple days at the Pilanesberg. It wasn’t that expensive per night and I agreed to pay for accommodation and my parents paid for food and petrol so it didn’t end up being an expensive holiday either.

We went just before I started at EOH and just before the torrential downpours experienced in the northern parts of the country so was actually really grateful for that.

It did rain the first night though. More like a storm. So much rain that my tent leaked and when we packed up a few days later, my tent and mattress were both still wet.

The rest of the time the weather was really good though 🙂

We stayed at the Manyane Resort and found a camp site on the edge of the resort looking into the bush. In the evenings we had the company of some warthog and impala that grazed near our camp and we fed the hornbills, glossy starlings, guinea fowl and franklin.

We swam, went on long game drives, had afternoon sleeps, jumped on the trampoline, braaied, drank a bit, ate a lot. It was good. I got to relax for a bit which was the whole aim of the trip.

Sitting outside under stars was one of the highlights of the trip – with the solar jars that G gave me as the only lighting. I even saw a shooting star!

I also walked into a spiders web and screamed like a girl. Especially after seeing a huge golden orb spider earlier – whose web my dad walked into and I had laughed at his reaction. Karma.

The three best game sightings we experienced were:
– a young lion, his lioness and cub relaxing in the early morning dew grass.
– a huge elephant male walk past the 4×4 just a few inches away and lookng me directly in the eye and then all the other cars in front of us having to back up and reverse to get out his way
– a hippo getting out of the water before dusk to chase away a rhino

Nature at it’s best! #lovecamping #lovethebush

It was good to get away. It was way too short and could have stayed longer, but I was also missing the woolie woof (aka benson), although he didn’t seem to miss me LOL.

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