Review: Open House

Nell O’Driscoll’s known Marcus Kilburton for years – according to her diary, she even had a crush on him as a teenager. When he decides to open Kilburton Castle to the public, Nell takes a job as his assistant – and soon sparks are flying between them. But is Nell free to pursue Marcus, when a figure from her past refuses to let go? Meanwhile, Nell’s best friend, Hetty Brewster, has other problems. Her husband has abandoned her for a bitchy but successful writer. Now the press is full of stories about the frumpy, boring wife losing out to a younger, slimmer model. But Hetty’s about to get her chance for sweet revenge – if she can stop being a nice person long enough to take it!

by Jill Mansell

My thoughts:

So new year and new me right? All about the positive thinking I thought I would start the year off with a feel good read instead of my go-to psychological thriller genre. Open House was written by an author I have not come across before  and was originally published in 1995. I knew it being out of date in terms of technology and lifestyle but the story was so great that the time frame did not detract from it at all.

I loved the flow and I loved the story. I mean who doesn’t love a good romance with castles and royalty and gypsies. There were a number of little side stories to keep you interested and although there were tragic pieces, there were happy endings all around and reading the book left me with a lingering feel good feeling that everything will be alright in the end and transformation is possible.

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