Review: Mangwanani River Valley

I finally got to go to a spa for an entire day! It has been on my wishlist slash bucket list for as long as I can remember! I have been to day spa’s before but only for one or two treatments maximum at a time – it’s mostly been facials and back massages. Not that I did not enjoy or appreciate those pamperings; but I have just wanted to be spoilt and out of town for an entire day! Just once!

And this was my opportunity. Prue organised a spa day package for herself, Amber and myself at Mangwanani River Valley. I got the booking notification, checked out the treatments on the website and for the days running up to it, I could not contain my excitement!

I stayed at G the night before and hardly slept but that was ok 🙂

I left his house just after 6 cos I didnt want to be late. I got to Prue’s house extra early though, so we had coffee and talked work while we waited for Amber.

Mangwanani River Valley is situated alongside the Hennops River in the Schureveberg Mountain range. We got a bit lost on the way there and had to drive on a long bumpy dirt road but I was still excited 🙂

We arrived to champagne and a golf cart to ferry us down to the restuarant. We changed into gowns and slippers and I realised I didn’t think this through very well.. I didn’t wear matching underwear.. Nor did I pack a bikini.. #blondemoment #distracted

In any case, we filled in our treatment forms, had some fruit, yoghurt and cappachino’s for breakfast and were ushered to our first treatment. The day was to consist of seven treatments; three before lunch and then another four afterwards.

First treatment was a hot stone full body massage. I chose hard pressure and it actually hurt, but it felt great once it was done.

Second treatment was a facial. We were all next to each other on a open deck and it was incredibly serene. I actually fell asleep.

Third treatment was a full body exfoliation. We got a choice between different treatments, but I chose the sea salt rub. It was particularly rough. I felt like my skin was being rubbed raw; but in actual fact I wasn’t red all over and I didnt even break out in a rash (due to the nature of my sensitive skin) so it couldn’t have been all that bad.

After that we had lunch. We had to preorder at breakfast. There was a choice of fish, chicken wraps or vegetarian. Prue and I chose the chicken wraps, which was such big portions that I battled to finish it. Amber had the fish.  No complaints on the quality of the food though.

After lunch we had a nice long session in the jacuzzi – thankfully Amber bought an extra bikini – I was not going to miss out on a jacuzzi session 🙂

The next session was a hand massage from fingers top elbows.. We all chatted and watched the blesbok eating right next to us.

After that was a head, neck and shoulders massage overlooking the river. It nice to have my head massaged and I left the oils in my hair which made it so nice and soft. The only disruption was a monitor coming up under the deck from the river. He/She was pretty big; but beautiful!

Our last treatment was a foot massage from toes to the knees. And just after that finished it bucketed down with rain. We changed as fast as we could, I downed a few shots of Amarula; ate some chocolate; completed my feedback form, hitched a ride back to the car and just like that our magical, pampering day was over!

And I was completely exhausted! All I wanted to do was climb into bed. We hit traffic and flooded roads from the rain to had to take detours. I drove home from Prue’s house and went the back way with the radio blaring to try keep me awake! It was totally worth it though 🙂

My only complaint, ok make that two, about the day was that we had to feedback after each session and carry the form around with us; and also that the person doing the exfoliation treatment had a breathing problem and was heaving the whole time during the treatment which was pretty disconcerting. Other than that, I have no complaints and would gladly do it all over again! Except at the price.. LOL

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