Review: Innocent Graves

One foggy night, Deborah Harrison is found lying in the churchyard behind St Mary’s, Eastvale. She has been strangled with the strap of her own school satchel.

But Deborah was no typical sixteen-year-old. Her father was a powerful financier who moved in the highest echelons of industry, defence and classified information. And Deborah, it seemed, enjoyed keeping secrets of her own….

With his colleague Detective Constable Susan Gray, Inspector Alan Banks moves among the many suspects, guilty of crimes large and small. And as he does so, plenty of sordid secrets and some deadly lies begin to emerge….

Innocent Graves by Peter Robinson

My thoughts

It is always good to read a murder mystery right? Well for me yes. I love the whole investigative process involved in solving a murder. This book was no exception. I have enjoyed all the books I have read in the Inspector Banks series by Peter Robinson and I find Inspector Alan Banks is a noble character and a great detective. This was an older book from the series. I don’t really worry too much about reading books in order when they are part of a series like this.

There was a lot of focus on the suspect who was initially charged for the murder of the school girl, Deborah Harrison, and the mistrial thereof. I felt sorry for him as his life was essentially ruined by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It did end up coming full circle as he ended up becoming the type of person he had been portrayed to have been, which I found interesting.

It was left open ended though with the reader having to imagined what would have happened to both the wrongly accused and the actual murderer. Although I don’t mind this, sometimes it is nice to get full closure. Just like in real life.


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