Review: Friend of the Devil

Friend of the Devil by Peter Robinson

As Banks and Annie dig into the past to uncover connections in two cases, they find themselves dealing with the emotional baggage and personal demons of their own relationship. And it soon becomes clear that there are two killers in their midst, and that at any moment either one might strike again.

My thoughts:

I think there is a reason that one should only read books in the order they have been written in and released in. I read “All the Colours of Darkness” which was the 18th book in the Inspector Banks series, before I read “Friend of the Devil” which was the 17th book in the series. Although it did explain some things that had been somewhat confusing in the events that took place as well as the relationships in “All the Colours of Darkness”, it was also unsettling and frustrating reading it, knowing what happened further on down the line, in the personal lives of the characters.

In terms of the actual story line, I found this content to be a lot more dark and gruesome than “All the Colours of Darkness”. It was much more explicit and therefore discomforting and difficult for me to read. Rape and sexual torture is a difficult topic for me to deal with and disturbs my psyche; I think I need to find more happy, soul enriching books to read instead.

But I digress: there were three murders in this book (as well as older murders and attacks which ended up being related) and it got frustrating as well as a bit boring I found when the detectives kept reaching dead ends or running out of ideas. It felt like it took forever for things to start coming together and making sense, which only happened in the final few pages of the book. The way the murders, and descriptions of the events and investigations thereafter were well thought out and holistically portrayed but I felt I had to skim over the some of the events and descriptions as they were just too graphic for me. I always feel I should finish a book once I actually get into it as it would always be in the back of my mind somewhat if I didn’t. It is almost a bit like having closure in your own life when you get through and finish a book like this. At least that how it feels to me.

In summary: Dark and deep and an enticing read. Not for everyone though.

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