Review: Exit Music

It’s late autumn in Edinburgh and late autumn in the career of Detective Inspector Rebus. As he tries to tie up some loose ends before retirement, a murder case intrudes. A dissident Russian poet has been found dead in what looks like a mugging gone wrong. By apparent coincidence, a delegation of Russian businessmen is in town – and everyone is determined that the case should be closed quickly and clinically.

But the further they dig, the more Rebus and DS Siobhan Clarke become convinced that they are dealing with something more than a random attack – especially after a particularly nasty second killing. Meanwhile, a brutal and premeditated assault on a local gangster sees Rebus in the frame. Has the Inspector taken a step too far in tying up those loose ends? Only a few days shy of the end to his long, inglorious career, will Rebus even make it that far?

Exit Music by Ian Rankin

My thoughts:

First murder mystery I have read of Ian Rankin and it’s the last in his series of Inspector Rebus novels… At least it’s the last in which he is an active detective having retired at the end of the novel. Starting at the end.

I did find the story to be incredibly well put together.. everything and everyone in the story relates to each other in one or another as in real life to an degree; six degrees of separation.

I liked the format of the book – different to others crime novels I have read – with each section of the story being a day in time – in the sequence of events and investigations taking place after the first murder until the two murders are solved and Rebus officially retires. Systematic and chronological and intimate.

The story and the characters lingered with me long after finishing the book. It also proved to be difficult to put down once the momentum in the story took hold. The characters were well rounded, and relate-able.. Human. Imperfect. Some inherently good and at least trying to make a difference and some not so good – only concerned with themselves and greed. Much like in real life.

In conclusion:

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Made me think a bit especially in these times of economic crises. About the overworld and the underworld. And when it came to an end and thinking that even if there isn’t a sequel I would definitely want to read another one of Ian Rankin’s books.

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