Review: Every woman deserves an adventure

Every woman deserves an adventure by Yvonne Roberts

Kay, at 44, has known marriage, motherhood, monogamy and, latterly, monotony. She’s lived for 20 years and three months with a man who, at first, she thought magnificent. When she finds out about Brenda, her husband’s lover, Kay decides to change her life. Time for her great erotic adventure. But can a woman become a Casanova? With a little help from her friends, Kay is about to find out…

My thoughts:

Another book about cheating. That was my first reaction. Is this really the third book in a row that I have read that involved relationships going sour? I am really starting to think that if this is what so many fiction writers for romantic comedy are writing about that it really is becoming more of the norm than the exception in our lives. Sad. What happened to the fairy tales and fairy tale endings? My fairy tale ending?

But I defer. I read the first couple of chapters and thought this was going to be more of a soft porn novel than anything else. I decided not to read any more and packed it away. But then I decided to finish it. I hate not knowing what happened. It irks me to start something and not to finish it so I went and found it again and decided to forge my way through it. It got considerably better; less porn like; more open and honest and real and I actually enjoyed it.

Kay met some amazing people, had some amazing experiences and grew through the pages emotionally, sensually. Karma also got served on her cheating, disdainful husband Tom and the ending was open ended; Kay alive and abound in possibilities.

A really good, different read.

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