Review: Eminem Rapture 2014

I have always liked Marshall Mathers aka Eminem aka the real Slim Shady.

I am not the man’s biggest fan or anything (that was Stan) but I admire his talent, his struggle, his life and how he chose to express it.
I even did an animated music video for “Superman” for one of my projects at University.

When I heard he was coming to South Africa, I was excited and really keen to go. I spoke to my sister and her and my brother-in-law and we arranged to buy tickets cos my sister is a big fan like me. They ended up buying the ticket for me for my birthday present last year which was amazing in itself.

I have been excited since then.

The concert was on Saturday at Ellis Park. We went later than usual. Missed Jack Parow. Ate two dry rolls that cost R20 each cos I was starving. Had hot chocolate and coke to drink; Didn’t drink any alcohol. Had dry seats and good company. Sent G a whole lot of pictures and went to pee twice before the show started to make sure I didnt have to go anywhere during his set.

And his set was mind blowing! There were 60 000 people screaming their lungs out from the opening act to the encore! My sister and I rapping all the words together… I could barely talk when I left.. I even cried when he sung “Love the way you lie” – it’s a beautiful song but it reminds me of Mark and his encore was amazing.. “Lose yourself” intro on a piano and then when the base dropped.. It was electric.. I get goosebumps just thinking about it!


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