Review: All the Colours of Darkness

All the Colours of Darkness by Peter Robinson

Book Review:

In a world of terror and uncertainty, what does one small death matter? The body hanging from a tree in a peaceful wood appears to Detective Inspector Annie Cabbot to be a suicide. Further investigation into the sad demise of Mark Hardcastle, the set designer for the local amateur theater company, leads to the corpse of Mark’s older, wealthier lover, brutally bludgeoned to death. Suddenly the case demands the attention of Chief Inspector Alan Banks, called back from his vacation even though nothing suggests this wasn’t a crime of passion followed by remorse and self-destruction. But machinations within the shadow world of secret government only add to the colors of darkness already shading this troubling affair. And a stubborn policeman who will not be frightened away could lose everything in one terrifying, explosive instant.

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My Thoughts:

I thoroughly enjoy a good crime novel or thriller story. Not sure that you have noticed that as yet 🙂 This is the first book of Peter Robinson that I have read – although it is the 8th book in his Inspector Banks series.

The book is over 500 pages long and I managed to finish it in less than a week. There is nothing better than curling up in bed with a good book! Especially now that the temperatures have dropped considerably in the evenings.

I liked the writing style of this author. It was flowing, and the story was easy to follow and you were able to keep track of what was going on with all the characters at all stages in the book, but it wasn’t drawn out and it wasn’t overwhelming. It was also far from boring! There was a fair amount of violence and everything  described in the book was very graphic. So you were able to picture it all in your minds eye. Just when you think you had figured out what was going, something else happened to keep you interested and on your toes. The pace of the book picked up towards the end and also explained a lot about how Inspector Banks was feeling. I was completely surprised by the ending.

In summary: Very well written and difficult to put down and full of surprises kept it interesting.

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