Rant about Fighting

Lately it seems that everything in my life is a fight or doesn’t happen without a fight.

I have had to fight with the Vet to get the x-rays I already paid for. I had been fighting with a friend who doesn’t talk to me unless they want something and expect me to be available at the drop of a hat.*¬†Yesterday I got told I am “obviously f*cked in the head” by someone on Facebook.

I am also fighting with freelance clients for payment for work done months ago. And this is battle that I seem to be losing…

There are other instances of me fighting with people over Whatsapp. Everyone seems to want me to do stuff for them and help them out but what about me. I get nothing in return and it’s my time at the end of the day, my resources.

Life is supposed to be easy and things should just work. Why does everything in my life have to be a drama?


*Luckily at the time of writing this post I have managed to sorted this one out and we have decided not to fight anymore and just move on.

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