Photoshoot with my Dad

My dad (now retired) wanted to come with me to the stables on sunday – 3 November 2013 – to take some photos of Amber with his new camera.

The weather was not great on Sunday (to start off with anyway) and we decided to take Benson with.

We ended up having a great time; Amber was fun to ride and full of beans and Benson was so adorable and cute, we got a number of really good photographs and it was a lot of fun!!

Three things I definitely took from this:

  • Amber can be super photogenic and also the opposite
  • I can ride bareback at a trot lol and Amber loved it – I need to work on my “braveness”
  • Benson really does love me and will jump poles and backs and walls to get to me <3

Photos to follow…

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