Park Run 1 and 2

I have only attended/participated in two park runs this year. Actually ever. But two is better than none right. And it was two in a row so that can’t be too bad a start.

My sister and I registered on the Park Run website to run at Rietvlei Nature Reserve in Alberton because they allow dogs and I really wanted to take Benson.

Run Number 1

The first park run I went to was as part of a group consisting of my sister, her husband Dale, her friend Juanita, her Labrador Bella, my dog Benson and myself participating.

We took it slow and talked a lot. Actually mostly Dale and Juanita did all the talking. I did some running with Benson in-between and ended up getting lost on a bike trail so I had to back track. Also carrying a water bottle while trying to run with a dog was not a good idea. The next run I would be more prepared.

Our time for the run was not very good. That is all I am going to say. Benson and I waited at the finish line for the rest of the group and we gave the dogsĀ some water.

We decided to go to one of the little restaurants there for some coffee and breakfast. Although the food was great and inexpensive, the service was very very slow; granted the place was packed. But as we were not in that much of a rush it didn’t really matter

We were allowed to take the dogs in with us and the waitress even brought them a bowl of water afterwards – so cute. I was very proud of Benson. He really is adorable and so well behaved.

Run Number 2

Run two went much better but I think that is also because we were more prepared and knew what to expect. A week after the first run we were back.
This time it was just Rowena, Bella, Benson and I. I took a bag this time with two water bottles and we put our phones in ziplock bags – in case the bottles leaked. So much easier than trying to hold everything.

Paul was supposed to come with us but as I didnt actually tell him it was a timed event with over a thousand people participating he decided not to come – this time.

We got there a little earlier and parked inside. And we got to the starting line before the start this time (last time we were late). We started closer to the front of the pack and kept up a good walking pace throughout.
It was great to spend some quality time with my sister. We spoke about a lot of personal things, family things, etc.

We went to the restaurant again but this time we only had moccachinos – although the service was still slow; we sat at the same table with the dogs and this time I even brought them dog biscuit treats.

We did a better time this time around though and I was even a bit stiff the next day so it shows we did actually exert ourselves slightly – and Benson was exhausted. Best of all was the 500 Discovery Vitality points we got for each race which, besides the time spent spent with my sister, and the dogs, being outdoors, and the fact that these events are free, was a nice bonus.

We will hopefully be doing a few more of these this year still!

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