Panel Beating is GO

Cleo has finally gone in for panel beating for the bumper bashing incident that took place last year. North City Panelbeaters phoned me to tell me they had the parts already and I could bring the car in earlier than expected. Originally the earliest I could take her in was the 12th of Feb.
I took out all my valuables over the weekend and dropped her off after an external meeting. A guy from Avis met me at the panelshop to drop off my rental car. I got a Hyundai i20.

Had to pay a security deposit and took out windscreen and tyre protection fro R20 a day. It might cost me a bit but I would rather do that then have to pay for a new windscreen.

I checked the car for damage – the bumper was pretty badly scratched all over and the bonnet had rust marks from old chips. There was a couple of other scratches that I pointed out. I just hope I got them all. This car has definitely not been looked after. It’s got 30000 on the clock but it already had rusted dents on the bonnet. It’s kinda sad.

So I drove out out of the panel shop. And I felt a bit nervous. I have to pay the excess on this thing too if something happens. Sigh.

The reverse gear is weird – it has a button and you have to push it in and far to the left, but it has park distance control.
It is noisy when you drive without the radio on. Not sound proof like my Ford; this one you hear every tiny bump you drive over even with the windows up.

I managed to drive it back to the office, home last night and back to work this morning and I am still in one piece so that is good 🙂

According to Avis, I only have the car for a week. According to the panelshop, it will take 12-14 working days to complete. According to Discovery they will extend my rental agreement from next week. So let’s see what happens. I don’t really want to be Carlos. #holdingthumbs

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