Pampering Massages and Beauty Treatments

Everyone loves being spoilt and pampered with beauty treatments – especially us girls! Visiting a beauty salon is one way of experiencing ultimate body pampering. Some one I know owns a home based beauty salon in Benoni – Ro’s Beauty Spot. I booked for a massage and full house pedicure. I got that and a whole lot more.

Rowena, owner and therapist, qualified through Camelot Health and Skincare College after two years of solid training. She has since acquired hundreds of hours of practical experience having worked at a Annique Skincare Clinic, Placacol Beauty Centre and a Virgin Spa franchises for the past three years. This girl can work and works hard. She is passionate, friendly and self motivated and loves making her clients happy. You can feel as soon as you walk into her salon.

Last week it was my birthday and I decided to go treat myself for a few hours on my day off. I decided to go for a back and neck massage together with a full house pedicure. It was the best two and half hours I had spent in a long time!

I had the back and neck massage first. Rowena left the room and I was asked to undress and lie face down on the plinth. When she came back she tucked a towel into my pants, tied up my hair for me and asked if I was comfortable. She began by rubbing massage oil into my back. The lights were turned down for the entire treatment and there was soft calming relaxing music playing in the background.

The massage was initially very painful, but I expected that. I carry most of my tension in my neck and upper back. Rowena spent the majority of the 45 minutes working my upper back and neck, working out all my knots. By the end of the treatment I felt like a weight had been taken off my shoulders. It was amazing!

The full house pedicure was next. An hour and a half treatment was a combination of treatments including ex-foliation of my feet with a granular scrub, a foamy warm water foot bath with aromatic smells, cuticle work, cutting and filing, dead skin removal, a leg and foot massage. I also had my first paraffin wax. This involves putting both your feet in a warm wax and then in a plastic bag each for 5 minutes. Its great for hydration, moisturisation and softens your feet. The feeling is indescribable…

I then got to choose a nail polish color from a selection of matte and glossy paints, having a base coat and top coat painted too! With tissues placed between my toes while waiting for the polish to dry, I got to enjoy an awesome cup of tea, and after that I was on my way, smiling from ear to ear 🙂

Thanks to Rowena at Ro’s Beauty Spot for an excellent pampering session. If you want pampering at a great price, she’s your girl!

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