One down – a few others still to go

I finally managed to sell Mark’s mountain bike. YAY!!

I had ad’s placed on Gumtree, OLX and JunkMail. I had phone calls and emails, and a whole lot of people come and look at the bike and try it out but no one seemed interested. Then on Friday I got an email from someone through Gumtree who wanted to come see the bike straight away. He tried out the bike and liked and came back later and bought it #stoked.

Now it’s just his wetsuit that I need to get rid of.

And then all the motorbike stuff that I bought that I used for about a month before the bike was stolen and it wasn’t insured so back then we didn’t replace it. I used my gear a bit later again when we got a scooter but that didn’t last long cos we broke up soon after that so now I have all this stuff and I never use it – so I might as well try sell it.

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