Not quite feeling myself

I know this sounds a bit weird but I have not been feeling myself at all this week; I have not felt normal or healthy or well or quite right. I am not sure what is going on with me and I am not sure if I need to be worried or not.

I have not been sleeping well – Wednesday night I hardly slept at all and then was at work for over 12 hours on Thursday; the rest of the nights I had disruptive sleep – alarms going off for hours, dogs barking next door for hours, battling to fall asleep in the first place.

Then I have been really pale; had a big of a cough and sore throat in the mornings; dull headaches all week. I decided not to continue with the 30 Day Skinny Bitch challenge until I started feeling better. That was at the beginning of the week so now I am even more behind. I want to do some exercise but I don’t wanna hurt myself in other ways in the process so I at this rate I am probably not going to finish the challenge. Will see how this pans out and how I feel by Monday.

Today has been a bit of a down day. I slept twice and have been generally moping around the house. I have a headache now to boot. I don’t like feeling like this but I guess it happens. I just want to feel better already. To feel normal and myself again.

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