Noelene’s Baby Shower

Noelene and Renier had baby Mostert’s baby shower on Saturday. It was all the way in Rooihuiskraal and I surprised myself by not getting lost; even though I had a GPS. I don’t venture to Centurion much these days. And driving there reminded me of Mark and and of when we stayed together with his mom in Midstream Estate. That was a long time ago. Shudder.

Moving on swiftly.

I knew there would be a few ex Quirkstars. Heidi, Liesl, Nicole and Lizzy were there already. And Lize and Zoi arrived after me. We all sat together and some wine and there were some awesome snacks. Then we all observed the opening of the presents.

Noels is looking amazing! Glowing and radiant – although she might argue with me that it was perspiration. With 10 weeks to go her baby bump is adorable. I am so happy for her 😀 I really am!!

I didn’t buy a gift but gave Noels a gift card for Dischem as was on the list of gift ideas. I know the baby will need nappies and other things and a lot of other people bought clothes and very practical gifts 🙂
There were themed super hero gifts and some elephant inspired design; very thoughtful.

I did write a letter for the baby to be preserved in a time capsule for a future event. I dated it for 2015 and made it a bit of a news piece about what is happening this year regarding technology and events for the baby – it will make for interesting explanations from the parents when that time comes.
Noelene read it out to the entire group. Everyone laughed. I was slightly embarrassed but also glad to have made the effort! I guess it’s the thought that counts.

The baby boy is to be named Brian which stands for:

We all got little thank you presents with his name on, for wine glasses which was really cute.

It was awesome to see all the ex Quirk people; it was great to catch up briefly and have a few good laughs together 🙂

We even took a few group photos before everyone left.

I stayed for hamburgers and a drink. Sat with Lizzy after the rest of the exQuirk team left. It was fun to catch up and be in a different environment.
I almost got lost in the dark on Nelmapius Drive on the way home but it was all worth it.

Love you Noels and all the best for the welcoming of Brian 🙂

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