No time

There is no time. That is correct.. There is not enough time in the day.. week.. month.. year.. to do all the things that I want to do.

Blogging is, unfortunately, one of the these things that I do not have time to do.

My New Year’s resolution for 2012 was to blog more.. I think I failed that one dismally. I hardly blogged at all #fail.

Since I began working at Quirk I seem to have run out of time to do things or perhaps I am trying to do too many other things. Either way blogging (amongst other things but that discussion is for another day) has suffered because of it.

So this years resolution is to try manage my time more efficiently 😉

No time like the present!

I have done some things to help save me time on the weekends so far. In December I moved my horse closer to home which means less travel time on weekends to get to ride her. I also cancelled a freelance contract I had with the stables, where she was being stabled, as the trade off was not beneficial for me at all even though it had been originally 3 years ago; but things change. I have now have more time on the weekends due to this relinquishment; and also less admin and less headaches 🙂

I now need to make sure I manage the rest of my non-working time from here on out more efficiently and effectively.

There is a lot things I would like to do this year and I require the time to actually do them 🙂 Some of them include getting a new car; looking to get my own place; finding a boyfriend… Those are the big things. The smaller things include things like trying new things (river rafting is on the list); going out more with friends and actually making real friends (not just social media ones).

A year from now you will wish you stared today. This is my start…

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