No progress

So its been just under 3 weeks since the trip to the vet (18 days to be exact) and Amber has made no progress. She is still lame when she trots or canters.

She finished her course of Bute. She was under stable rest until sometime during this week after she broke out of her crush and they decided to put her back in with the rest of the herd as she was bound to hurt herself – even more.

Bernie said to me that she is never going to come right. She said the side bones will always hurt her. She has special shoes on now but even that seems to have made no difference. So now I guess it’s up to me to make a decision. I have not ridden her or done anything with her since the weekend of the show – 23rd March. I will give it another month. Or at least til I know what I am going to do. I don’t think anyone will want her if she cant be ridden. Although she would breed pretty foals.

I bathed her today so at least we spent some time bonding. She really is a beautiful horse. Why does she have to be lame? 🙁

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