New Beginnings

On Monday I started my new job. I was pretty nervous and actually even a bit scared! I hardly slept the night before and asked G for a Monster that I had actually bought for him to have on the way to the new offices. I didn’t want to get up so I left later than I should have and I only got into the office nearly an hour later than I wanted to. Great start!

I sat in my new boss’s office for over an hour – talking about the company, the structure, new offices we were moving to, induction.

Then I got introduced to a whole bunch of people. I found my way to my desk and it’s not in the corner. I got given a laptop – a Lenovo Thinkpad – so need to get used to a Windows machine again. Wasn’t too difficult.

The first thing I did was download Chrome. Got my new email address set up, got an account on the logging software and did some research before leaving at 17h00. Before sunset. Although it didn’t count cos it was raining 🙂

The rest of the week went pretty well. Already working on a few projects. Getting to know the people and their names.

It’s both exciting and nerve wracking but it’s an opportunity I am hoping to make the most of.


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