My Second Week at Gym

Side note: Before the novelty wears off I might as well get as much exposure and usage out of this topic as I can 😛

I only managed two sessions at the gym this week. I know I could have done better. But I didn’t. At least I can admit that it was not even a great attempt.

Session One

On Tuesday night my sister and I attended a Zen Pilates class. My first ever pilates anything. I have never been to a class like this before; yoga yes, pilates no.

We got there early and put our mats in the middle of the room. We mentioned to the instructor that we were both new at this. The class filled up quickly and there were even some guys in the class – five in total.

It was different to anything I have done before. We used a resistance band. I was tired before we had even finished the warm up.

The movements were all about balance and resistance and positioning. We did mostly leg work with a little bit of arms in-between both off the mat and on the mat; but it ended up working everything – all my muscles or lack thereof at least. The instructor didn’t give us much time in-between to rest. My neck muscles were even sore two days later and I hurt my wrist by using my hand incorrectly on the floor work (which was corrected in the class but not before I already done most of that routine). #sore

It was hard work, but I really enjoyed it. I managed to do most of the moves; just not very well or with much balance but I really did put in some hard work and pushed myself as much as I could.

Session Two

Wednesday and Thursday were not the best days I have had; in fact they were shit. I was in a bad mood, perpetuated by unnecessary interrogation. It was not pretty. And I didn’t go to gym which would have probably helped. Instead I worked late at the office – both nights.

I did end up going to gym on Friday with my sister though. Traffic was not great so I kept her waiting; but she didn’t mind too much thankfully. I thought Virgin Active would have been quieter on a Friday night, especially in Bedfordview; I assumed wrong. It was really busy.

We did 5 minutes on the walker; some leg work upstairs with all the boys who lifting massive amounts of weights; 15 minutes on the treadmill which I ended with a 45 second full on sprint to get up heart rate up and then a really hot guy came to run next to me and so I promptly gave up and emergency stopped the machine. Sigh. We ended with timed 1 minute steps x2 and some stretching. I had worked up a really nice sweat by the end of all that. Thank goodness I had a hoodie to put over my head to walk out in.

I should have also gone to my local Virgin Active in Boksburg over the weekend but ended up just staying at home; I was lazy and not in the mood – which is the best reason to go I would think. I really need to get out of this bad habit of mine; staying in all weekend.. It’s getting old..

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    • faz - 5 years ago

      Well done ☺at least you went – don’t be so hard on yourself. You have to start somewhere right?Pilates is great as a strength builder. Keep it up?

    • Megan - 5 years ago

      Thank you 🙂 Appreciate it! You are right… We all have to start somewhere.

    • Peter - 2 years ago

      Take it slowly initially, small steps at a time