My First Week at the Gym – I survived

I survived my first week at gym – granted it was a bit hectic considering how unfit I am – but I survived. I only went three times to do the proper gym thing – as in actually do some kind of work out.

Monday and Tuesday I only stopped at the Boksburg K90 on the way to work to collect my free gym bag for joining in the month of August. I was not able to get it on Monday as the manager was unavailable but I did manage to get it on Tuesday. And it is a really nice bag 🙂

I did also go to Virgin Active Bedfordview on Wednesday morning to do the Discovery Wellness Assessment, but did not do any gym time.

So the days I properly gymed this week was Monday night and Thursday night with my sister at Virgin Active Bedfordview and then Saturday afternoon at my local gym at the K90 centre in Boksburg. I asked someone to give me a tour as I had not ventured further than the reception centre (on Monday and Tuesday and last week when I signed up initially).

Monday night we did 20 minutes on the treadmill each, I ran a bit and Rowena walked; we did 30 seconds on the vibrate machine – not that we know how it even works – we just pressed buttons til something happened. Then I did some rowing and Rowena sat with me and then we ended with stretching on the mats, I did 30 seconds of planking and then she walked me around and showed me the rest of the gym.

Thursday night we did treadmill again, I did 15 minutes and then 3 minutes high impact on the walker. I was exhausted and full of sweat once I was finished – as a demonstration of my unfitness. Then we did some exercises on the leg machines upstairs. I tried 15 kgs mostly (don’t laugh) and even that was tough going. I could hardly walk afterwards. The worst was the calf curls or whatever you call them. Rowena and I did 5 each leg with 5kgs and really battled. Was good for a laugh though if nothing else. Not sure if the guys that were there bench pressing 100 kgs would have agreed with that performance 😉 We then went downstairs and did some steps – think it was 1 minute each side. We ended off with some stretches on the mat and I managed a measly 10 push ups lol. We both drank quite a lot of water – me more-so to combat the loss of water from all the sweating (perspiring) I was doing as a direct result of my unfitness. But I felt great afterwards so I think that counts for something.

Saturday I plucked up the courage to go to my local gym – the Virgin Active at the K90 centre in Boksburg – on my own. I asked one of the consultants to give me a tour so that I would know where some of the machines were at least and most importantly where the bathrooms were, so that I did not look like a complete tool. I went back to the car to fetch my water bottle as I knew I would need that and then locked everything in a locker in the bathroom and made my way upstairs to the treadmills. I called my sister to tell that I was at gym and that the bathrooms had hair dryers and hair straighteners available which I thought was pretty cool. I did 20 minutes on the treadmill; 1000 metres on the rowing machine; I even managed to talk to someone at the water cooler and I did some stretches to end it all off. I even decided to take a quick shower and dry my hair before leaving. The only kak thing about that is I didn’t bring other clothes so I had to put my gym stuff back on but I did have clean underwear 😛 I will plan better for the next time.

All in all I guess that makes for a pretty successful first week – at least I think so. And the most important thing is that I am trying. At least that is important to me.

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