My First Ever Horse Rescue Attempt

Picture this: A bunch of white people (plus one groom) running around an open piece of veld next to a squatter camp trying to catch a mare and her foal.

Along with a mom and her daughter, Mark and I assisted in the rescue of a two week old foal and its mom from Tembisa. There were altogether four horses – the mare and its foal, the little stallion pony and another pregnant mare. They were left to roam unattended across the dual carriage way on the R562. At any point a car or truck could have hit any one of them.
The only reason I told Mark to stop was because the foal looked injured and was lying on the ground. We had both dogs in the car and we were on the way from the stables where I ride in Mnandi to Benoni.
I was torn as to whether we should just let them be as they weren’t in too bad a condition… The foal on the other-hand was weak and battled to drink from the mare… In the end I think we made the best decision for the foal.
Two different animal rescue centres were notified and although they had been aware of the situation for at least two days, they had not done anything about it…
In amongst the chaos of situation there was a moment of magic I got to experience firsthand… A horse whisperer kind of moment… I walked around to where the stallion and another pregnant mare were standing – as close as I could get without scaring them away. I stood there watching the stallion (a bay pony) and he watched me intently back. I started talking to him reassuring him and at the same time took a few steps towards him slowly. Eventually I was standing about 5 metres away from him and he walked right up to me and offered me his head to scratch. I stood with him for a couple of minutes stroking him and even giving him a bum scratch. It was amazing for me that I managed to gain his trust – especially after we had been running around trying to catch them earlier!

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