My 67 minutes of making a difference

I know its a bit late but better late than never.. So they say..

So yesterday, 18 July 2010, was marked as Mandela in celebration of the great legacy of  Madiba AKA Nelson Mandelas’ 92nd birthday.

On this day South Africans were called to spend 67 minutes (a minute for each of the 67 years he spent fighting for South Africa) making a difference, doing their bit to make the world a better, brighter more beautiful place..

My boyfriend and I decided to spend our 67 minutes together doing something for the animals.. Both of us are animal lovers and to make a difference for and as a way of saying thanks to those doing the hard work for the animals, we bought carrots and went to give all the abused, neglected, rescued horses, ponies and donkies at the Animals in Distress centre in Midrand. We are that well off and would have loved to have something more, but we still wanted to do something to make some kind of difference.. This is what we decided to do..

This is something may not be important in your eyes, but for me its not only therapeutic but inspiring and sad and beautiful all at the same time.. And yes it should be more than a once a lifetime, once a year experience, but this is going to change. We have now decided that this will be something we can do once a month.. Its something we can do together as a couple to strengthen our relationship, for one, and although I always end up crying when I see how cruel people can be, at least I have shared some love and time and carrots with some abused and neglected (now safe and healing) fluffy creatures that may or may not have a happy ending.

That’s me and that was my bit for Mandela – a great man who has been a great inspiration to South Africa!

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