Mother’s Day 2014

I love my mom. And mom’s have the toughest job in the whole world – director of operations and all that.

I admit that I have given my mom a lot of grief and grey hairs during my lifetime and there have been times when I have not appreciated all the things she has done for me.

Since moving back home I have tried to give more to my mom for mother’s day – spoiling her with expensive chocolates and flowers but this Mother’s Day I decided to do something a little different…

I know my mom likes surprises and maybe that’s where I get it from – so this is what I did…

On Sunday morning, I told her to get dressed and that I had a surprise for her. She first put on old clothes.. Thought I was going to take her to the stables I think lol

After she changed we got in the car and I drove her to Flora Farm and when we got there I gave her cash and said she had to spend it all and buy what she wanted! She ended up taking a huge bag of potting soil, a rose bush and some seedlings! #jobwelldone

Then I took her to breakfast at Nino’s! We both ordered the Haloumi and Hash Brown Stack breakfast which was divine! I had a coffee and mom had a pot of Earl Grey tea.

We sat out in the garden and it was really nice! I think my mom enjoyed it too!
I arranged this all with my dad and he was a little disappointed not to be invited with.. But that’s what Father’s Day is for…


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