More Ground Working Training with Amber

The time I spend working with Amber on the ground is all in preparation with me actually getting on her back and riding her. It has been a long haul; way longer than I would have imagined it would be. Having owned her for over a year now, I had previously thought that I would have been riding her within 6 months of moving her to Shumbashaba. I was heavily mistaken as I was to be given a very real lesson in patience.

I started working with her almost immediately after her arrival at Shumbashaba. See my post regarding this training here: making-progress-in-the-training-department.htmll

Since that first lot of training and ground work has also taken place and I am one step closer to actually riding her.

Steps leading up to the big event

I have been more than privilaged by being able to ride many of the horses and ponies stabled at Shumbashaba. I went through a stage where I stopped working with Amber for about a month; she was starting to get frustrated at doing the same thing over and over – mainly lunging. So I decided to give her a break. During this time, I did a lot of riding.

After about a month’s break I started working Amber again. I decided to try leading her from another horse. We tried Lonestar (a gelding) in the sand arena first. We managed to trot together, change direction and leading side and even a bit of a canter and Amber was very willing and cooperative, Lonestar did not like Amber at all and tried to bit several times and even kicked her.

On another day we then tried again with Tapsy in one of the other riding arenas. This leading experiment went a lot better than the first time although Amber is definately not Tapsy’s favourite friend!

A few weeks later I decided to try leading her while riding her stable mate, Missy. We were even brave enough to take her on her first outride ever, Missy with Amber and Erina on Tapsy. I was a bit apprehensive as I had no idea how this was going to work out, but it went off without any major drama. She didn’t freak out at anything along the way although Missy was a bit apprehensive every time we walked past a jump! We even tried a bit of trotting and even that went well. I was a really proud horse mom!

Lots of ground work and training has since taken place with Amber and I will be reporting on that in the near future. Watch this space!

My Goal for Amber for 2011

Amber turned three on the 1st of October 2010 and my goal is to be riding her in light work and outrides (and hopefully participating in one or two in-hand classes at a few shows) by time she turns four.

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