Missed your birthday again Amber

Amber turned 6 on 1 October and yes.. I missed it.. Again..

For some reason I thought it was the beginning of November.. I have no idea why because I thought the same thing last year too – Amber is 5 years old

My baby is not so much a baby anymore…

And she is looking soooo good – her summer coat is all shiny and she has put on weight and even build up some muscle – which is awesome

Her hooves are looking good too!

I do have a serious concern with regards to her “health” and that is the fact that she is STILL lame.

She doesn’t buck as much anymore now that she has her own saddle and it actually fits properly but she is lame in the trot and prefers to walk and canter instead. I need to get someone to come look at her and I want her to be fit and happy and healthy so I we can start lessons and training and jumping and going to shows.

Onwards and upwards!


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