Making Progress in the Training Department

Amber’s training has been pushed up a notch since I have been back from my week with family at the coast, just under two weeks ago. While away I decided that I will make an effort to spend more time at the stables, whether its with Amber, training her, or riding some of the horses and ponies that need exercise.

So as soon I was back in Joburg, I put this thought, idea, notion into action…


Training Initiated

The next day, a Sunday, I took my parents and my Aunt who was out here from the UK, through to the stables to see Amber. I put the saddle that Renea has lent me to use with Amber on for the first time, along with her bridle and put her in the lunging arena. She bucked and bucked and bucked – worse than a rodeo horse; well in my opinion anyway. She is definitely a show off though, and even though she was bucking like crazy, she looked great!

This event did give me some cause for concern, having pondered over it afterwards – if she is able to buck this big under saddle, what is it going to like with me on her back?

I spoke to my horsey friend and riding instructor, Renea, and I was assured that its to do with the tightening of the girth that’s foreign and uncomfortable for them, but that she would get used to it with time and repetition.

And I am pleased to report that this in in fact been the case – thankfully! Since then I have put the saddle on her twice and the bucking has drastically reduced, with the most recent session where she only bucked once! So she is making progress, and we are making progress together!

The next part of the training will involve me leaning over her back with the saddle on, first at standstill and then at a walk, and then we will also be adding stirrups to the saddle to add to the flapping around at a canter!

But, as I am reminded so often, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I must take her training levels up slowly, but surely, one step at a time


And here is the proof: Amber in a saddle and bridle:

100_0905 100_0925

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