Lunging the brat

Since having my accident (see taken a tumble), the doctor advised me that I am not to ride for at least 6 weeks until my cracked/fractured ribs are healed. Even longer if I don’t feel that I am completely healed. It already feels like forever when all you want to do is ride.

In any case, I have been to the stables twice to see Amber and lunge her over the past two weeks – not too often in case I am tempted to ride – but she also does need to be worked so that when I do start riding again, she won’t be all full of beans 🙂

The previous time I lunged her in the lunge ring with the lunge rein and lung whip and she went beautifully!

She was slow and calm and trotted beautifully and cantered nicely without bucking and rearing like has done in the past. I was a bit nervous as I didn’t want to get pulled over or kicked or something and damage myself even more.

But she was really good. I even let me dad lunge her and she was perfectly well behaved 🙂

Me  = proud horse mom

This weekend’s lunging episode

Over the weekend I went to the stables with my dad and Benson. To see Amber and give her a bit of exercise.

I realized when we were already there that I forgot her bridle so would have to lunge her in a halter. Not the best idea I have ever had.

My dad painted her hooves for me and she stood so nicely. I gave her a brush before grabbing the lunging equipment and going into the dressage arena. I closed the dressage arena off and took her to the far end.

To start with she was slow and calm. She is still lame on the one side. I really don’t know what to do about it anymore…

Changing sides she didn’t like at all. She bucked and reared and pulled away from me. I let go the lunge lead. I didn’t want to fall on my ribs.

She ran to the other end of the arena bucking and kicking out at the robe that trailed her. I caught her and we tried again.

I made her go on her bad leg and she loosened up and trotted very nicely and extended at times. She also tried to pull me off my feet a few times. I carried on till she was sweaty and tired. I chased her over two of the jumps and then let her go to have a gallop around the arena.

Benson came running into the arena as soon as I let Amber go. He is so cute.. So jealous but so cute. Couldn’t wait for me to give him attention.

I chased him out as I didn’t want Amber to chase him or stand on him. He ran around like a crazy thing after that. I

I gave Amber some carrots and some water after she cooled down a bit and put her back in the paddock.

Next time will be better – with a bridle I will be able to control her more.

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