Lots of riding this weekend :)

I got to ride three times this weekend – for once I had no work on the weekend and as it was a long weekend I was determined to ride all three days…

Saturday – that was a not so nice ride and lunging experience – see Amber misbehaving…

Sunday, Mark and I went out to the mielie fields and she was in another proper bit – Mark had lent me his other bridle with a snaffle bit with 3 rings. I was nervous anyway but managed to hide it well enough I think – I am always nervous in the fields with Mark as Jagger really does like to run…

She still managed to buck a number of times and was extremely upset that I did want her to gallop with Jagger. I held her back with all my strength though and she was rounded up into this tight little ball that would have exploded if I had given her half the chance. I wasn’t going to though. I was too scared of her taking off with me.

We trotted a lot in the dug up sand and she managed to work up quite a sweat! We even had to hose them down afterwards. I waited for her to dry and while I was watching Liesl trot, Amber rolled on the grass with me standing right there holding the lunge rein. I <3 this horse sometimes!!

Today – Monday – the public holiday Mark and I went on an outride through the plots. It was supposed to be Mark, Liesl and I but her horse (the Frisian) was lame 🙁

Amber and Jagger were so lazy and Amber was really hard work.. I had to kick her and shout at her and smack her with the crop.. She did not want to go forward or trot or anything and kept trying to go home.. I actually broke my jumping crop on her I was smacking her so much.. Had to get off and lead her.. Sigh..

Got back and Naomi was busy tacking up so I asked if she wanted to go for a walk out.. She rode around a bit and then came to ask me to jump with her.. I was a bit nervous but we cantered out to the big jumping arena (note I said cantered) and we rode around in the jumping arena for a while. She didn’t try buck me – until she started knocking jumps and was tired – but that was understandable and that’s when I stopped anyway… She worked up a sweat in those few minutes 🙂

But she cantered and jumped and cantered without bucking! It was soooo much fun!! I just need to get her fit now.. And myself.. was puffing a bit myself after that 😛

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