Little old boring me

I lead a pretty uneventful life if I look back at my life on a high level. I have lived 31 years on this planet and I don’t really have anything interesting to report on for the duration that time period. I have not done anything particularly interesting with my life.

It’s all pretty average.

I have had few interesting jobs. I have had a few kak relationships – although some were pretty eventful. I have only been overseas once – which was when I went to the UK with my dad when I was 12. That is pretty much it. I only went to Cape Town because I had training at the Quirk Cape Town office.

I have always lived in Gauteng – mainly in Kempton Park and Benoni. And atfer a few years living elsewhere (different places with Mark) I moved back home to Benoni.

Does that make a person less interesting or boring? Does less life experience make you less attractive in the general scheme of things? I mean after looks fade you still need to have personality; make conversation. Or am I wrong?

I only say this because I have met some really interesting people who have had a lot more life experience than I could even dream of. People I look up to and admire. But I feel somewhat inferior to them and in a way less of a person; less deserving; less worthy of their time.

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