Jumping really is awesome!

I have not had a chance to jump really since the last show at Banbury and although I mentioned to Bernie that I would like a stable horse to ride in the upcoming jumping training show at the yard, I didn’t really do much to get that going.

Then the weekend before the show I mentioned to Louise that I wanted to jump. After the outride, I spoke to Ann and it came about that she would be happy for me to jump Vivaldi in the show. So I put Amber in the crush cos I wanted to wash her main and tail and then popped Vivaldi over a couple of jumps in the big sand arena. He went so well and it was amazing!

I rode him a couple of times before the show – jumping in the big sand arena over some big jumps and then in the dressage arena around some tight corners and also falling off the day before the show.

I was nervous but also really excited and having a sore bum and a bit of whiplash didn’t help but I didn’t tell anyone. I still wanted to compete.

I entered 3 classes. 40-50cm, 50-60cm and 60-70cm. 23 March 2014 Banbury Stables.

Got up early the morning of the show to get ready – got dressed – new jods, boots, gaitors. Took my body protector, my nice black numnah and sheepskin girth. Got the the yard and as I got out I saw Jared was there too… Jared the ex Jared – the asshole who dumped me cos he wasn’t ready for a relationship but started dating someone else straight away – Jared.

Anyway there was not much I could do about it so moving on… I went to check the board for the classes numbers. I was first up in the 40-50cm class and they were sticking to the list order. I went to groom Vivaldi, then watched some of the first participants and then Louise came to help me tack Vivaldi up and get on. And I walked to the main arena to watch some of the kiddies participate. Vivaldi did not some how like the two miniature ponies that were there. LOL

It took ages for my class to begin and I was super nervous. I walked the course quickly again. It didn’t change from the baby classes just got bigger. As the first participant I had to walk up to the judges box and greet the judge on behalf of all the participants 🙂

And then I was of.. I slowed him down in this class cos I was nervous myself and by the time I was done I was out of breath and my legs were jelly but I was happy!

Untacked Vivaldi and gave him carrots and at least Jared wasn’t there to watch me. Left with the horse box and brought another horse. I spoke to his mom. He was supposed to jump but his sponsored horse lost a shoe.. *sigh* *boo* *whatever*

Bought an Energade and chilled for a bit. Then got ready for the next class after walking the course again – this time it had changed. I was a bit further down this time. I thought I would trot Vivaldi around to warm him up a bit but he got just got super excited and started rearing and bucking and going backwards. And of course at that point Jared had to walk past and see me and ask if I was ok..

Anyway Ann and Louise came to see if I was alright. My nerves were a bit shot but once we got into the arena he was fine. Next class went much better than the first – I think anyway. I had fun!!

There was less time between this class and the next so I had something to drink and stayed with Vavaldi – all tacked up. So the next class was called an Accummulator. There were 6 jumps only. First round the goal was to be precise and get a clear round. If you got a clear round, you got to compete in the second round. The second round was against the clock – the same 6 jumps.

I got a clear round for round one. And jumped again. I tried to go as fast as I could but made a few mistakes by not cutting corners enough or guiding Vivaldi enough plus he was tired but now. But we did it in 36. something seconds. And to my surprise and utter happiness we came forth! This meant presenting ourselves on our horses to the judge. He put the rosettes on the bridles and shook our hands and then we got to do a lap of honour! How amazing was that!! I could NOT stop smiling.

I was really really really happy! And really really really tired. Plus my whiplash was now more intense than it had been before. I was just a bit upset that G had not asked me about the show or about anything for that matter… Men are all the same it seems lol *collective sigh*

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