Jumping and The Upcoming Show

I have not always liked jumping. Mainly because my confidence has been lacking. But once I got over my fear and realised I could actually do it, it became a lot more fun! Jumping cross country jumps became my favourite although I didn’t get to do that as much as I could of when I was stabling in Kyalami. And since moving to Banbury Stables there is not much opportunity to jump outside of the school – but that’s ok; cos the outrides and the people are way bettter šŸ˜›

In any case since moving to Benoni, I decided to try a class or two at the training shows held at Banbury,Ā andĀ I have actually enjoyed jumping in the school (show jumping) a lot more.

First I rode a chestnut pony called Nordic Ice in a training showing last year.Ā I only rode him once before the show and he was amazing. That show I only entered two classes – 40-50cm and 50-60cm. This was a lot for someone who had a naughty mareĀ (Amber) who made her a nervous rider all over again. I did compete her in a 30cm class jumping the second day after arriving at Banbury Stables though lol. I was as nervous as anything though but I survived – just.

You can read about the show with NordicĀ Ā here >>Ā 

Then at the beginning of this year, Banbury had a another jumping training show. It so happened that Louise suggested that I ask Ann if I could ride Vivaldi in this training show. And that is exactly what happened.

I blogged about my last show experience with Vivaldi here >>

So far Ā the biggest I have jumped competitively is 60-70cm. And I made the jumps offs and I got placed – how awesome.

But there is another show coming up this weekend and I have entered 3 classes: 60cm, 70cm and 70-80cm.

I also have been practising a lot more for this; for fun before the show came up and a bit more in preparation for the show. I even jumped a 1m jump on him – twice. So I know I can do it. Whether I will ever do it competitively is a different story but for now I am enoying it immensely and hoping I do well in the show this weekend!Ā I will let you know how it went.



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