I’m a bridesmaid!

It’s crazy but it’s true. I am a bridesmaid for a friend of mine from school, Benoni High School if you must know LOL.

This is my first and probably the last time I will have this auspicious┬áduty bestowed upon me. My sister is already married (has been for some time) and I was not asked to be one of her bridesmaids, fortunately or unfortunately, whichever way you want to look at it. Things were different back then – aka Mark amongst other things – but what is past is past and I can’t do anything about it now.

I don’t think I have made a good bridesmaid so far. I admit that now. I actually sucked. It has not been easy finding the time or the motivation. But the wedding hasn’t happened yet so there is still time to make up for it I guess. This is me thinking positively about the situation.

I have a bachalorettes to organise which is going to be challengeing considering most of the wedding guests are in Cape Town and the other two bridesmaids are in Canada and KZN respectively. I need to find silver shoes bu I am hoping to borrow these from my sister – I am just hoping they fit – as I have been unsuccessful in my search (read quest) thus far. I also need to put together a playlist for the DJ. There is one… In my head, but I need to put pen to paper on this. I have already asked my sister to do my nails for me before the actual wedding, maybe the day or two before, and to help me with my make up. I also need to book an appointment with the hairdresser for my hair.

I have already been for measurements with the dress maker and the bride has already bought the material for the brides dresses. We are all wearing different shades of purple, and our dresses are all going to be different which is going to be interesting. There will a couple more fittings to come.

My friend’s wedding is less than two months away – on the 16th of August – so I better need to get my ass into gear with everything else. What I am forgetting?


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