I’ll be your Master Defender

Sometimes it just takes something small to happen for you to realise how truly blessed you are.

Case in point. Alison Mellon. I was having a bad day, a bit of a rough week actually, and she sent me a link to this song and said “I’m your master defender ;)”.

This is First Aid Kit – Master Defender:

Beautiful animation with pretty (and relevant) lyrics!

Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes you make mistakes and sometimes circumstance is just not in your favour but having a friend you can tell anything, spend a lot of time with and enjoy every second if it, even if it’s just making tea and watching episodes of CSI together. That is something special 🙂

I am really proud and incredibly lucky to be able to call this inspiring beautiful lady my friend!

Love you lots Ali xx

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    • Ali - 5 years ago

      Love you too, Megs! <3 Always your master defender. x