I need to go on a date

I probably don’t need to go on a date so much as I would like to. But I would really like to go on a date. And not with a random 20 year old I met on WeChat. A real date. I am kind of nervous to start dating again but I am also getting a bit tired of being single.

I started an online dating profile the last time I felt like this… I got lots of messages and interest from a lot of older men. And I didn’t pay for the subscription so didn’t have the messaging facility or being able to swop details. Probably just as well.

It might be part of my other 30 midlife crises thing I am going through, that I feel like I haven’t accomplished enough, and that I should be with someone to have any social status; no wait that would be society rule of generalization.

I know I should just let it go and not look because when your not looking, that’s when it happens; otherwise you come across as desperate. O

On the other hand I am just too busy at the moment to put any time into building a relationship so maybe now is not the right time and it’s just as well.

So I not going to go out looking for it but if an opportunity does come along, I don’t have any reason not to give it a go.

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