I love jumping

Banbury Stables were having a jumping show (Eastern Series) on the 7th of July 2013. I was vaguely aware of it but had planned an outride with Ann and Louise on the actual day so wasn’t worried too much about it.

That was til I rocked up at riding on the Saturday (6th July 2013) and asked Bernie for the bit Tamryn had left for me for Amber to used. Bernie and Karen then asked me if I was riding in the show and I replied that I could not ride Amber. She is just not ready for a jumping show…

Their reply.. Why don’t you ride another horse?


Why not ride Nordic? He is good and likes to jump… I was like… Um.. Ok.. Enter me for the 40-50cm and 50-60cm classes.. If there weren’t kids around then I would have done the baby class – 20-30cm pops LOL

Little did I know then how much I would enjoy the jumping and that I should have entered the next one up too – 60-70cm 🙂

So Nordic is a chestnut pony… I have ridden him once before.. In a kids lesson – walking and trotting lol

Bernie said I could try him out and see what he was like to jump before the show… So I waited a bit for Ann.. And phoned my mom to tell her I had just been roped in to do the show…

I was pretty excited though 🙂

I spoke to the kids and found out what I needed to wear and do for the show. I then tacked him up and was about to get on when Ann arrived with her daughter Dominique.

She said I should jump so long and then we could ride in the school together 🙂

So I warmed him up – trot and canter – awesome little canter I might add!

And then braved a few of the baby crosses. He was really good so I tried some bigger ones – spreads etc… He didnt rush them and cantered nicely into them so I started jumping two or three at a time 🙂

Smiling – ear to ear – can you picture it?

I eventually braved some big ones  – 70cm maybe higher and he jumped them perfected and I didn’t feel scared – ok maybe a little!!

I then went to ride with Ann in the school. He was tired now and lazy so we just walked around. I decided to go jump one of the jumps in the grass arena..

I jumped the ditch and the bank and braved a pretty big jump – 80cm maybe? I cantered round twice and jumped it twice and he soared over them – it felt amazing!

So decided to go round to the jumping arena again to get my jacket and to jump a few more of the big ones – soooo much fun!

Cooled him off with Dominique after she cantered Vivaldi around to get him to behave a bit – which was nice!

Untacked him and took him and fetched Amber and rode her for a bit in the jumping arena.. She was not keen at all so I made it short and sweet. Untacked her – gave her some treats and went home to sort out everything for the show.


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