I <3 Joburg

My sister and I decided last week to go to the I heart Joburg concert this weekend and invited Claire (Dale’s sister) to come with us (got her ticket as a present for her birthday).

I stayed over at my sister on Friday night as I am carless. I wanted to have an early night as I knew that Saturday would be a long day. And it was….

Before the concert, we collected Dale’s new Audi A4 from Audi Northcliff, fetched Claire in Parkhurst and all went for brunch at Mugg & Bean in Rosebank.

Dale dropped us off at Ellis Park and the first thing we did was buy beer. At R30 a can though it was a bit expensive – or so I thought in any case.

We found a bench outside and sat and took some photos – which were photo bombed lol.


Then we went to find our seats. And we had pretty good seats – that were not in the sun although the weather was awesome we didn’t want to be sitting in the sun all afternoon.

We  saw a bit of The Graeme Watkins Project and Crash Car Burn – who I love anyway – and they were both great!


The Acts

The main acts included:

Panic at the Disco
Jason Derulo
Jessie J
Fall Out Boy

The stage was really well set up and the sound was not great for all them but it wasn’t terrible either. Jason Darulo can dance and had an awesome dance crew! Jessie J has a great stage presence and is really talented.

In between all the acts we had more beer, stood in a long queue for Chip n Dip, went back out Red Bull, walked around half the stadium to find chocolates and later on had hot chocolate. They didn’t take hours between acts either which was really good.

Besides the thousands of kids, we saw a fight, we had people in front of us were so drunk they kept falling over and the one vomitted all over herself and her boyfriend, we also kept photobombing their photos.

I was just really tired afterwards and felt really old. We were there for more than 10 hours though – granted – and if you think about it we didn’t eat or drink that much in that time, which would explain why we were so hungry we stopped at KFC on the way home after midnight for a snack!

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