I have my car back!

I have been driving my dad’s car (who is called Raven) while I didn’t have mine but Ruby is now back in my possession after just less than a 2 week stay at the panel beaters.

There are pro’s and cons to this though.


  • My sound system is waaaay better than Raven’s
  • I have a boot – a BIG boot LOL
  • I can go wherever I want to


  • Ruby is way less fuel efficient than Raven
  • Raven is faster than Ruby
  • Raven is smaller than Ruby and easier to park
  • Raven is newer, lighter and NEWER… sigh

But all in all she is looking so much better! The guy really did a good job. His name is Eric.

He even polished the whole car for me and she now basically has her orginal colour back!

His only suggestion to me was to spray paint my boot spoiler black as it looking a bit worse for wear. I agree that the sun has really taken its toll on in so I think I will give it a bash…




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