I have my car back!

I finally got Cleopatra back from North City Panel Beaters.

Firstly it was two days later than the maximum time they said it would take to fix.

Secondly I was due to give the rental car back the same day so I was grateful they gave me some extra days so at least that all worked.

I washed the rental i20 before I went to collect my car. My dad drove with me in the i20 to the panelshop. We stopped on the way to fill up the i20 as you have to return the car with a full tank of petrol.

My dad and I checked Cleo and I found that the door handle was scratched and there was some kind of resin on the back bumper which wasn’t there before… They sorted that out. I paid the excess, signed the forms and that was that.

I drove the i20 back to Avis and my dad followed me in Cleo. We had to wait quite a while at Avis for them to check the car for damage etc.

I got back into Cleo to drive her home, and it felt strange. I couldn’t remember how to lock the doors or where the indicators where LOL.

She was clean when I left the panelbeaters but drove through rain and mud on the way home so she wasn’t that clean by the time I got home.

I am hoping the excess will be paid back to me as I have followed up with the legal department from Discovery Insure and provided all the necessary documentation and accident reports etc.

I am just happy to have her back.

Here’s to many more happy driving experiences 😛

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