I Forgot My Phone

People spend too much time on their phones and not enough time engaging with the people in their lives. Do you agree or is it just a sign of the times?

Would you rather be Tweeting, Facebooking, WhatsApping, BBMing or WeChatting than actually talking to your friends and family in real life?

I have heard of people having a rule of putting their phones facedown on a pile in the middle of the table when going for dinner and the first person to pick up their phone pays the bill. Does it encourage actual conversation or are people too busy worrying about what they might be missing out on on their phones?

My brother-in-law  also has a rule that no one is on their phones when we are watching movies together. That way you actually watch the movie (escapism) and there are also no distractions for the rest of the people watching the movie. I actually found that this works


I recently switched over from contract to prepaid on my phone and was without internet access for over a week. No BBM, FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, and no email!! It was amazing. It was a bit frustrating in that I could not contact people to make arrangements; for example I wanted to arrange an outride but I pitched up early at the stables anyway and hoped someone else would pitch up too and it worked out fine in the end. But I found that I had more time for other things like reading, sleeping without interruptions, and I spoke to my family a lot more. I only spend a small amount of time on FB and Twitter on my Mac as it was too much of a mission to keep logging on. And the funny part was that three people had messaged me that whole time to find out where I was and why I wasn’t online. I hadn’t told anyone I wasn’t going to be offline in the first place.

I saw this on Facebook and thought I would share the video here too.

Put your phone down for a while and see what happens.

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