I don’t know what to do

I am really stuck between a rock and a hard place. Amber is not getting any better and is just costing me more and more money. Shoes, no shoes, special shoes, box hire, injections, vet’s bills.

I took her to get scans done which was supposed to give me an answer. Instead after costing me a few thousand I was told what it might be. And to rest her. And they refused to hand over the xrays. Instead they want me to go get a CT scan and Onderstepoort.
She is no longer resting like she needs to be. Why? Cos she doesn’t like being in the pen and had a freak out session. So that was the end of that.
She had special shoes put on. So that’s gonna cost me more money and now we have to pay extra for winter feed for the next 6 months too. Hae not made any difference to her thus far. Maybe more rest?

I have not ridden her for months so whats another two or three months of waiting. It’s just frustrating. And no one else is going to want her if she is lame.

The next step is a CT scan (which will cost something ridiculous) or a full lameness workshop which is about R8000.

I regret making the decision to buy this horse in the first place as I have not had much luck with her having horse sickness when I had just started breaking her in the first time and now this. She was unhappy the first time I ever saw her, from being underfed, most likely and now she is unhappy from being in pain.

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