I completed the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge!!

Sunday was my very first Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge event J

I competed as part of TeamQuirk as the ultimate beginner as the rest of the team consisted of both staff and clients all of whom were seasoned professionals in the game; with top-notch equipment 🙂

I, on the other hand, had borrowed someone else’s mountain bike under very short notice and had very little training under my belt; with only two real practice rides before the race at 25km’s and 30kms respectively.

I did manage to get some cycling shorts and gloves before the race and at least I had a helmet. The shirts were sponsored by Quirk as we were entered as part of the corporate teams.

Most people (including my parents) didn’t think I would finish; I myself wasn’t sure I would finish either but I was definitely going to try.

And try I did! I was on the road for over 7 hours but I finished! I completed the full distance before the cut off time and I even got a medal!

I paced myself; I stopped at all the water points; I kept hydrated; and I finished strong! I am very proud of myself!

I did gain some invaluable insights from my awesome Quirk team mates and am glad I did something this year that I can actually say was on my bucket list 🙂


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