Hold Thumbs for Great News

The ultimate reason for be putting together this blog in the first place was in the hopes of conjuring up some kind of help or sponsorship for a saddle for Amber or at the very least use this platform to get ideas for making some money to use towards a saddle… My Saddle Fund – makes sense doesn’t it?


The reason behind me doing this is pretty simple but the actual implementation – not so much… I was told many years ago even before I bought Amber that buying a saddle would cost me a lot more than buying a horse – that’s if I wanted a decent one –  and that it would require some hard work and lots of saving. The blog was ultimately set up for this reason although it molded into more of a story about our journey – Amber and I – which is not a bad thing in itself.

I don’t I get any exposure on this site though – which is what I was ultimately working towards; pretty much no one reads this blog at all and I was not very successful in utilizing this forum or blogging enough to make it viable..

That was until I got offered an opportunity to do work for a equine boutique called Equestrian House in return for horse products. I did not claim for a while as I was hoping to save up enough “credits” to cash in for a saddle. It seemed out of reach initially and meant it would take up to two years of work to be able to get something like a saddle in return.

Bu now the opportunity for getting my own saddle is closer than it has ever been.. The last few months have required a lot hard work from my side, many hours of slogging away and giving up a lot of my free time and even not being able to ride weekends – which is the only time I can ride – but if this works out it will be worth all the blood, sweat and tears!! 🙂

I have put it out to the universe and now all I hope to hear is confirmation 🙂

Holding thumbs!!!


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