High Cholesterol

After doing the Discovery Wellness Assessment on Wednesday, and getting the results of my cholesterol test (which was high), I mulled over it for a day and a bit and then decided to go to my GP on Friday morning and do the proper cholesterol blood test.

I wanted to go straight away on Thursday once I had made up my mind but I had to fast for 10 hours before the test so the earliest I was able to actually (read realistically) go was Friday morning. My mom phoned ahead to confirm this for me.

So Friday morning I went through as soon as the doctors rooms opened. I had a quick consultation with Dr Botha and showed him my initial cholesterol test results. I had blood drawn for the lipogram and other vile drawn for a thyroid test.

I had to pay cash for the consultation and the blood being drawn as I have no more MSA (Medical Aid Savings) funds available.
I will also then need to pay for the lab tests. I am hoping they won’t cost an arm and a leg.

The nurse could not find a vein in my left arm so I had to have it drawn from my right arm and it hurt.

I will only get the results at the end of the day on Tuesday due to the public holiday on Monday.

I got to work after 9 and I did not feel great. I was very pale so I had something to eat and then got right into work which was pretty hectic for most of the day as I was managing some social media accounts and doing my work and trying to help everyone else at work too.

I did not actually feel well at all for the rest of the day and could not wait to get home and into bed.

Now to wait for the results. #pensive

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