High Cholesterol – The Actual Results

I finally found out my results from the lipogram (blood tests) that I had done on Friday last week.

It took me a while to get the courage up to phone the doctors’ rooms; but I did eventually. I was a bit nervous about getting these more accurate results. I asked the nurse at reception if my results were in and if I needed to come in to the the doctor. She gave me the results over the phone – my cholesterol according to the blood tests came back as 5.9. which is quite a bit lower than my initial test.

I was a little disappointed – but not because of the results – just about the response I got from the nurse. No indication about the break down of the good or bad fats. I also had a thyroid test. No mention of those results. So then why even have the tests in the first place; why take so much blood. All she said was that I needed to make sure I get my cholesterol checked every year from now on. I also have yet to receive the bill for the blood tests at the labs – so that should be interesting – if not expensive. Will wait and see.

I am happy that these results confirmed my cholesterol is better than the initial quick test results from the Vitality Wellness Assessment. However it is still quite high, so I need to make a determined effort to lower it. I need to eat less eggs – even though I love fried eggs and could eat them every day; have less full cream diary products; use Canola margarine in place of normal margarine and exercise by doing cardio three times a week at the gym. So it’s a good thing I joined the gym then it seems; I need to start looking after myself more.


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    • Jeanette - 5 years ago

      Glad the results weren’t too high this time!
      My GP told me to take Ricol for 3 months and test again… it’s worth a shot to get it under control, and it’s natural.

    • Megan - 5 years ago

      Thank you Jenty 🙂 I will check it out!