Welcome to the world of Scaffy ;)

This is officially the first post of my blog.. and to be honest I am really not sure what to say..

So…. I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself – this is expanded upon on my “About Scaffy” page 🙂

Here goes..

My name is Megan..

Full name:  Megan Natalie Trow

Nicknames:  Meg, Megs and of course – Scaffy

I’m addicted to horses and social media (read Twitter, FaceBook etc) and chocolate!

I am 27 years old, although I dont feel it and I dont look it either – people often think I am a lot younger than I really am.. It has its pros and its cons.. lol..

I have an IT degree – studied at University of Pretoria (TUKS).

I work for a web design company in Rivonia. I have been there for four years and am currently working in the SEO department.

I have been writing articles in my free time for our clients for the past 5 months so I haven’t really had much free time.. This is one of the reasons why this blog is so empty… Another reason is laziness I guess and yet another reason was that I really really battled to find a WordPress template that I liked.. But I did find one eventually and even though I’ve edited it q bit, I’m happy with it.. for now 🙂

I am hoping to fill this blog with lots of interesting words and thoughts (and maybe some personal venting along the way).

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